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10 Questions with Vadim Zeberg of The Brokedown Cars


1. How would you characterize your music?

Z: There is no particular music genre in which we would classify ourselves. There is a bit of everything in it. We tried to make our last EP a bit harder in comparison to the previous one, but not too sure if we have succeeded in it.

2. What is one early music experience that made a deep impression on you//made you rethink what music can sound like//has helped shape the music you make today?

Z: I would have to say Elliott Smith was my early music experience that made a deep impression on me. His music and words are just splendid. True art indeed.

3. What is usually your process when creating//writing a new song?

Z: So far we have released 3 EP’s. All of them were recorded in one day and only the first EP was recorded with songs that we already knew in advance. The other two were recorded completely out of the blue. I mean we had no songs, no lyrics, all we had was a bottle of whiskey and people that loved playing and creating music. I truly loved this process. I still do not know how we managed to pull it off twice with writing and recording everything in one day, but we did. True magic.

4. Where can we find your music//what have you done to make your music available?

Z: All our music is available on soundcloud including the free downloads. This is the only place where all our recordings can be heard. soundcloud.com/zeba-2

5. What is a recent musician//band//music that you are excited about?

Z: There is a new russian band called The Retuses. Lot’s of beautiful sounds in their music. Do check it out.

6. How would you describe the music climate in your home when you were a child?

Z: Well my dad wasn’t crazy about music. My mom, on the other hand, did enjoy it. She could listen to some pop music, but then change the cd to Radiohead. She had a lovely taste ; )

7. Is style//image important to you and if so what//who do you consider cool in music?

Z: No, it is not important what-so-ever, at least to myself. Listen to what you like and don’t care about what other people have to say. Same goes for playing and creating your own music. Stay true to yourself.

8. What song do you want playing at your funeral?

Z: What a cool question. Perfect Day by Mr Lou Reed.

9. Why music and why do you make it?

Z: I cannot live without it, simple is that. Don’t even know what else to add.

10. If I should listen to one undiscovered musician//song today who//what should I check out?

Z: Elliott Smith – I didn’t understand. It is discovered, but it’s worth another listen.

Check out The Brokedown Car’s latest EP “Boyz”.

Introducing Editor: Kim Göransson



Hello. My name is Kim and I’ll be sharing stuff on this blog and conducting some interviews and maybe write some stuff about some cool must-hear musicians I come across mainly on soundcloud. I’m originally from Sweden but live with my family in the upper bible belt of rural Americas. I make some music in my closet mainly under moniker My Hot Air Balloon (which you can find traces of HERE). My musical interests are pretty wide while the music I make probably mostly fall under a singer-song-writer blues folk label with occasional strange departures into the unknown. Here is a song I wrote recently about a Carousel Horse with guitarist extraordinaire Dimitri Frits.