10 Questions with Dana Dau & Ang Kerfoot


dana dau

1. How would you characterize your music?

A: Dark Electronic

2. What is one early music experience that made a deep impression on you//made you rethink what music can sound like//has helped shape the music you make today?

A: Listening to Patsy Cline for hours on end on my family’s bar & restaurants jukebox

3. What is usually your process when creating//writing a new song?

A: I wait for my manic states to hit, and when they do I immediately start typing my subconscious stream to Dau’s latest beat

4. Where can we find your music//what have you done to make your music available?

A: urbanpsy.bandcamp.com/album/kings, it’s free

5. What is a recent musician//band//music that you are excited about?

A: MICACHU is god

6. How would you describe the music climate in your home when you were a child?

A: Radio in the basement & plenty of room for floorwork dancing & belting, lol

7. Is style//image important to you and if so what//who do you consider cool in music?

A: James Murphy & MICACHU take the cake on modern electronic. as for image & style, I like doing minimalist takes on all categories

8. What song do you want playing at your funeral?

A: New York I Love But You’re Bringin’ Me Down by James Murphy

9. Why music and why do you make it?

A: It thrills me more than anything, I make it to avoid needing the mental healthcare system & it’s horrid drugs

10. If I should listen to one undiscovered musician//song today who//what should I check out?


Listen to new album for free, here: https://soundcloud.com/dana-dau-ang-kerfoot

website: http://danadau.com/