10 Questions with Luciole Langevine


1. How would you characterize your music?

L: I collaborate with some very different musicians. Each of them has his world, I have mine. I try to make a third one when adding my voice.

2. What is one early music experience that made a deep impression on you//made you rethink what music can sound like//has helped shape the music you make today?

L: To listen to Tommy – The Who and feel, deeply, the story without understanding a word. (I was ten.)

3. What is usually your process when creating//writing a new song?

L: Sometimes I write for a music, sometimes I just write a poetry that becomes a song later, meeting a music, sometimes the text is not mine… no rules.

4. Where can we find your music//what have you done to make your music available?

L: soundcloud.com/luciole-langevine. When the musicians all agree, the tracks are « downloadable ».

5. What is a recent musician//band//music that you are excited about?

L: On soundcloud, two voices (for me, they are recent ;-)) maureen DA rosa and Vadim Z, and an awesome free musician Vasco Morais.

6. How would you describe the music climate in your home when you were a child?

L: Multifarious, but good music.

7. Is style//image important to you and if so what//who do you consider cool in music?

L: For me, what is cool in music is what touches me and the style is not important.

8. What song do you want playing at your funeral?

L: Don’t worry, be happy.

9. Why music and why do you make it?

L: First, I was an actress and I wrote poetry and else… I’m not a singer but I need to express feelings and create imaginary worlds. Some musicians, friends of mine, gave me this opportunity blending their music with my words and voice, and it was just fantastic. So I continue as long as I get this chance!

10. If I should listen to one undiscovered musician//song today who//what should I check out?

L: I’m sure you could find some of them on Soundcloud : – )