unknown knowns. miyako/Tamasudare. Two songs.


“Something french. I forgot.”


New music from The Deltahorse


Check out this new jam from The Deltahorse!

“Howdy to all of you lovely people out there!

The Deltahorse is getting ready to release their debut full length album this fall and we do need your support to make it happen.

Please head over to our campaign at musicraiser.com and check out our music, videos and all the lovely rewards we have to offer for anyone who decides to contribute for the release of this upcoming album.


Thank you for all the support in advance!

And don’t forget to check out our soundcloud page at:


Oh yes, and this post has nothing to do with spam 😉

Thank you,

The Deltahorse”

Introducing Editor: Kim Göransson



Hello. My name is Kim and I’ll be sharing stuff on this blog and conducting some interviews and maybe write some stuff about some cool must-hear musicians I come across mainly on soundcloud. I’m originally from Sweden but live with my family in the upper bible belt of rural Americas. I make some music in my closet mainly under moniker My Hot Air Balloon (which you can find traces of HERE). My musical interests are pretty wide while the music I make probably mostly fall under a singer-song-writer blues folk label with occasional strange departures into the unknown. Here is a song I wrote recently about a Carousel Horse with guitarist extraordinaire Dimitri Frits.