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10 Questions with Clara Engel


ashes & tangerines

1. How would you characterize your music?

C: I might call it aquamarine, formally-ambivalent, feeling music.

2. What is one early music experience that made a deep impression on you//made you rethink what music can sound like//has helped shape the music you make today?

C: When I was a teenager and I first heard CAN, Jacques Brel, and Patti Smith, (all around the same time), it collapsed the divides between poet/musician/artist. I realized I could embrace all of those ways of making work at once.

3. What is usually your process when creating//writing a new song?

C: It mostly begins with words. I write fragments and phrases in notebooks — often phrases I overhear or that pop out at me from something I’m reading, and then songs kind of sprout from them over time, over the course of many re-writes. It’s a fairly rigorous but also unselfconscious process so I can’t dissect it — or maybe I’m afraid to.

4. Where can we find your music//what have you done to make your music available?

C: The best place to find my music is on Bandcamp, if you want to get it directly from me. In terms of physical albums: I have a vinyl release with Vox Humana Records (UK), and another one with Backwards Records (IT). Unperceived Records (DE) will be releasing a new EP of mine on CD in 2015. Wyrd Distro still has a few cassette tapes left from a release I did this past year with TO label, Arachnidiscs Recordings. I have done quite a few small-run releases with boutique labels.

5. What is a recent musician//band//music that you are excited about?

C: I just discovered the music of Tara Jane O’Neil — she’s been making work for a long time, but it’s new to me. I’m listening to “After A Dark Seven” right now. Her guitar playing is wonderful.

6. How would you describe the music climate in your home when you were a child?

C: When I was really young my dad would play the guitar and sing with me, and I preferred the long and (in my mind) more serious folk songs. There was a lot of classical piano music in the background too for most of my childhood. I was never drawn to the piano. I tried to sneakily borrow cassette tapes from my older sister, Nirvana’s “Nevermind” in sixth grade is the one I remember most vividly.

7. Is style//image important to you and if so what//who do you consider cool in music?

C: The conflation of image and music (or of artist and persona) frustrates me. I think the work needs to come first for me to be interested in what someone is doing. We’re being manipulated pretty heavily when we start basing our opinions of art and music on how “cool” someone appears or how compelling or valuable their personality is made out to be via publicity. Also, high school sucked way too much for me to seek out that social dynamic ever again in my lifetime. Not that I don’t appreciate an original look or a sharp outfit, but costume and compelling-personality-narrative just doesn’t make the music itself more interesting to me. I kind of envy authors a bit because they don’t seem to be expected to perform a persona as much as musicians are… its seems like it’s more optional for them.

8. What song do you want playing at your funeral?

C: Funerals are more for the benefit of the people who love you who are left living — so they can pick.

9. Why music and why do you make it?

C: I don’t know why I need to do it, but I do, or I am a wreck. I think I am a person who needs a practice of some sort to make life seem less formless and chaotic. I’ve never had a religion, so I don’t know what that’s like — but creating songs is the closest thing I have to a spiritual practice; it transcends the pettier aspects of my life and my character, and it’s also how I make sense of the world. It’s been a way of salvaging something from painful experiences.

10. If I should listen to one undiscovered musician//song today who//what should I check out?

C: Check out Tsinder Ash. He has a fantastically singular approach to songwriting and singing… very earthy and otherworldly at the same time. He has one album up on Bandcamp, and has a new release coming out in 2015.

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