Oil my member – the birthday session EP


Some mad blues gravel meets Bjork awesome.


New music from The Deltahorse


Check out this new jam from The Deltahorse!

“Howdy to all of you lovely people out there!

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The Deltahorse”

10 Questions with Blind Walker G


blind walker

1. How would you characterize your music?

W: Oldtime Schizophrenia, one leg in cool played harmonies like J.J.Cale, the other leg into Tom Waits eruptions.

2: What is one early music experience that made a deep impression on you//made you rethink what music can sound like//has helped shape the music you make today?

W:¬†When I was 16 back in the very early 70’s, I met a bunch of freaks ten years older than me, listening all day and night Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. I mean, really all the time, maybe one or two Velvet Underground records in between, that’s it. Been hangin’ around with them for seven years, still today I can remember every single note of every Zappa record.

So that time deeply destroyed my ability to listen to charts music.

3. What is usually your process when creating//writing a new song?

W:¬†There is no real process. When I grab a guitar, there is a new song. I’m very bad at playing covers and mostly don’t remember my own songs from the past, so the only chance is to play something new.

The real process is to fight my lazyness and write down some lyrics and run a proper recording, before I forget everything.¬†In this case I like the idea and do it the same way like John Lennon. Never record a song at the same day you had the idea. If you can’t remember next day, the idea wasn’t strong enough.

4. Where can we find your music//what have you done to make your music available?

W:¬†Apart from Soundcloud I’m also on the “follow me-follow you-but nobody’s listening” site called Reverbnation, for the big commercial success (I’ve sold one album-download in four years) I’m on Bandcamp.

5. What is a recent musician//band//music that you are excited about?

W: The War On Drugs, Spoon, Eleanor Friedberger, Todd Snider, from Soundcloud artists as far as I know My Hot Air Balloon and Swamp Lightning.

6. How would you describe the music climate in your home when you were a child?

W: Music?? music-free home

7. Is style//image important to you and if so what//who do you consider cool in music?

W:¬†I’m absolutely not interested in style.¬†Of course to build up an artificial personality like Tom Waits did, makes sense. But I’m not that type of person, more that “just play my guitar and sing” down to earth musician.

8. What song do you want playing at your funeral?

W:¬† “Going To Hell” from the London based band “Tiger Lillies”. Been tour manager and part-time guitarist of them back in the 90’s and still dig their music.

9. Why music and why do you make it?

W:¬†There are so many things you can’t find the right words for, but I can play my feelings. So this is just like using another language with different possibilities.

The second thing is, if you play with a band with a working chemistry and you have this magical moment in music, when angels and demons start to cry together hand in hand —-YES, I’m alive.

10. If I should listen to one undiscovered musician//song today who//what should I check out?

W: www.youtube.com/watch?v=reBMRc2p4ZU

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Jordaan Mason – “The Decline of Stupid Fucking Western Civilization” STREAMING


You have to listen to Jordaan Mason’s new album,¬†“The Decline of Stupid Fucking Western Civilization” which currently is streaming for free on bandcamp! This is some gut wrenching post-punk monster of raw feeling. I’ve never heard music done like this before.

If you can you should definitely help out and pre-order your copy or support the physical making of this album by visiting his indigogo campaign:


At the 100 dollar donation level he will even cover a song of your choice!